sketch_set3The arrival and impact of Space Invaders on the market, back in 1978 was so big that we still can’t believe how to describe it. We faced something so difficult to understand, yet so easy to play, which made us go on a fantastic journey that still hasn’t ended today. Actually, we’ve embarked on a new journey into another journey, discovering our deepest passion: video games.A passion so deep that has made us live many intense, and unforgettable feelings in so many moments of our lives.

We’ve been hardcore gamers, always attracted to any kind of game, and now we’ve finally decided to understand what lies behind this imaginary world.

This is how Chromatid Dynamics was given life toin 2015. A bunch of friends, dreamers, and professionals came together. Our sole purpose is to keep feeding our and your hunger for the video game world, producing games that won’t make you forget the glories of the past, and that will be modern and future-proof.

We can make video games, and we can prove it